My Noodlez health conscious noodles Indonesia Asia

My Noodlez from Indofoods has a compelling consumer innovation with a proposition as the first healthy instant noodle for kids, with noodles made from carrot and seaweed.  Tackling children as a target group appeals to mum and child alike.


Indomie is the dominant instant noodle brand in Indonesia from Indofood.  Sales are increasingly challenged on two fronts; firstly competitor innovations such as Mie Sedaap from Wings Food and secondly Indonesian consumers seeking healthier lifestyles which is challenging instant noodle consumption.

Instant noodles are commonly served to children as a convenient breakfast. My Noodlez may just keep instant noodles on the breakfast menu at home. Healthier lifestyles and diets are one of the key consumer trends in Indonesia, Asia.

The marketing challenges are twofold; firstly a price position which is double that of regular Indomie.  This certainly limits consumption to wealthier households but supports a healthier marketing proposition.  Secondly marketing a healthy noodle may raise consumer concerns further regarding other instant noodles, certainly a brave proposition when you are the largest instant noodle brand.

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