Crisis Response – Do you know what the consumer are saying about your brand?

When a crisis breaks, every minute counts. Early intervention can prevent the spread of salacious gossip, misinformation and guesswork by the under-informed.

Cimigo has an industry-leading social media tracking unit based in Asia which can be mobilised from the earliest stages of a communications crisis across multiple territories and in any language. Tracking levels of chatter, sentiment, verbatim quotes on the issues and offering strcutured analysis and actionable insights we can help brands mitigate disasters and even turn them to their advantage. In today’s world of instantaneous communications, the greatest communicators are likely to be the winners, while those who remain silent are judged by the masses.

The image above shows the first three days of “chatter” around the issue of the contamination of milk powder sold into the supply chain by Fonterra. Our system tracks the number of mentions by the hour and can be reported back to brands on a day-to-day basis, showing which brands end up tainted and which manage their communications effectively. An essential measure in a multi billlion dollar and highly emotional category in Asia.

If your brand is involved in the powdered milk category in Asia, contact us at to see how we can help to avert a disaster by being well informed.

Richard Burrage
Richard Burrage twenty five years of experience in market research and strategic consulting. Richard has worked across Asia Pacific consulting across a range of industries and business issues. Richard has spent the last twenty years in Asia assisting in the development and building of numerous brands to achieve leadership positions. Richard is a UK national and resides in HCMC with his Vietnamese wife and their three children. Richard is the Managing Partner of Cimigo:
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