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AQUA latest consumer marketing delivers break through advertising with interaction to deliver the benefit of drinking AQUA to maintain concentration and focus.  In contrast most category advertising for mineral water focuses on the water’s source and purity.

“Saya ingin membeli AQUA” is synonymous with bottled water “I want to buy a bottle of mineral water” in Indonesia. Holding the largest market share doesn’t stop AQUA from innovating. Recently, AQUA provides several unique designs for the bottle that promote Indonesia’s culture and values.  Recent TV commercials #AdaAQUA (there is AQUA) enable consumer interaction to test concentration and focus.


AQUA breaks advertising expectations for mineral water

AQUA smoothly makes consumers aware of the importance of consuming AQUA.  The TV advertisement breaks expectations of advertising in the water category and has the power to gain traction – that is, stick in consumers’ minds. It is a clear adaptation of the work first seen in Test Your Awareness: Do The Test (with the moon walking bear) for Transport of London raising driver awareness of cyclists released in 2008, as shown below.

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